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2.75" x .80” Axe Puck Ancient Ocean Jasper

2.75" x .80” Axe Puck Ancient Ocean Jasper

This sharpening stone can be an all in one whetstone solution! When the surface texture is

prepaired semi coarse to coarse it sharpens at a sub 1000 Grit level, flip your stone over and the finer side can polish up to 30,000 grit or a mirror level of finish. As the stone loads with steel it gets finer and finer, we recommend that you scuff up the surface on occasion with a fine or rough diamond plate (120 or 600 grit) to acheive the dual grit surface effect. The stone can quickly make the transition from the bevel setting grit to fine grit finishing. This sharpening stone is ultra hard, it cannot be gouged into with steel and it never needs to be flattened. If you mess up your sharpening stroke angle you will not gouge into it.


This sharpening stone will last multiple lifetimes under regular use. This whetstone also comes with a lifetime lasting warranty, should you ever break it will will send you a replacement stone in exchange, no questions asked. 


The perfect size puck for sharpening axes,

and the only stone you need for everything from

resharpening a dull edge to just light touch ups.

The stone stands out for its attributes,

Ultra hard, ultra fine and very fast cutting.


As a polishing stone, it easily gives

mirror edges that are razor sharp.

Because the stone is so hard,

it can also be dressed coarsely and used to grind steel

and act like a metal file. The fine side seemlessly transitions

the scratch pattern and it is a fantastic all in one honing stone.

This stone is harder than steel, it slowly loads up and gets finer

so dressing it occasionally with a diamond plate or a coarse plate

will keep it cutting fast and never wear it out. Lapping removes

less than a thousandth of the width each time. It takes me many hours to

flatten these stones, a quick surace refresh now and then really is

never going to wear away a stone this hard.


This puck doesn't need to be soaked and can be used

with water, oil or slurried with a diamond plate.

A sure fire way to get your axe
Sharp enough for special tasks in
the bush even if it’s a dull edge
to begin with.


Here is the secret, with a coarser
surface prep this puck
will bring your edge back
to shaving Sharp very quickly,
then flip over and polish
with the finer side
so that your edge is more resistant
to rust and sharper due to the
Nice polish. You will notice when sharpening on jasper,

steel comes off with every motion you make, and refines your

edge every sharpening stroke.

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