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3” x 1” x .30” Blond Jasper Viking Whetstone Pendant
  • 3” x 1” x .30” Blond Jasper Viking Whetstone Pendant

    This sharpening stone can be an all in one whetstone solution! When the surface texture is

    prepaired semi coarse to coarse it sharpens at a sub 1000 Grit level, flip your stone over and the finer side can polish up to 30,000 grit or a mirror level of finish. As the stone loads with steel it gets finer and finer, we recommend that you scuff up the surface on occasion with a fine or rough diamond plate (120 or 600 grit) to acheive the dual grit surface effect. The stone can quickly make the transition from the bevel setting grit to fine grit finishing.


    When you are out in the world and need to realign your knife edge this is the fastest and most compact stone for the job. Often our knives, axes or other tools are in need of some light honing

    to bring back sharpness beyond what stropping does, for an edge. This stone makes it fast and easy for a beginner or experienced sharpener. The viking style whetstone pendant is a perfect as small hand held sharpening size. I make a filing or circular motion and it doesnt matter how

    long the knife im sharpening is even though the pendant is 3" long.


    This is the same super hard jasper I make all of my fine grade whetstones out of. It is impervious to dishing out from sharpening and it will cut steel fast until it loads up. One side can be kept more polished than the other to encourage it to polish steel finer. This necklace should withstand

    a lifetimes worth of sharpening and it is an amazing touch up stone, for touch up style sharpening it will never dish out as you use it...


    This jasper is prized for its density, fine grain and fast cutting speed. The way you dress the or let it load up with steel plays a big role in performance. Jasper will sharpen super fine, up to 30,000 grit OR semi fine like a 1000 grit stone depending on surface prep.


    To keep one side cutting faster on my personal stones I lap it with a coarse girt

    diamond plate (120 grit or 325). You can also use a similar approach with sand paper.

    You'll notice the more you sharpen, the more your jasper stone loads up with steel,

    the more it starts to slow down. All you need to do is give it a quick lapping for 30 seconds and it will be fast again. If you slurry the stone with a diamond plate you can also use the slurry for aditional speed to the polishing action. This makes it very easy to use it as a coarse grade on one side and fine on the other.


    For the finer side you can experiement with letting it load up, or slurry it / dress it now and then with fine stones or diamond plates. This natural hone doesn't need to be soaked and can be used with water, oil or slurried with a diamond plate. This stone performs exceptionally well as a finishing stone

    for straight razors. You can also sharpen dry, it doesnt need water or oil to preform.


    You will never have to reflatten this stone and it cannot be worn out,

    it will last a lifetime under daily use. Jasper is a robust and durable stone suitable for wearable stone carvings. The hole is drilled and the top of the stone is rounded, to accomodate the paracord nicely.


    As with all my whetstones, it comes with a lifetime lasting warranty, if you ever break it just send it back in and we will give you a replacement no questions asked.

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