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3" x .85 x .40 Translucent Arkansas Viking Whetstone Pendant

3" x .85 x .40 Translucent Arkansas Viking Whetstone Pendant

This sharpening stone can be an all in one whetstone solution! When the surface texture is

prepaired semi coarse to coarse it sharpens at a sub 1000 Grit level, flip your stone over and the finer side can polish up to 30,000 grit or a mirror level of finish. As the stone loads with steel it gets finer and finer, we recommend that you scuff up the surface on occasion with a fine or rough diamond plate (120 or 600 grit) to acheive the dual grit surface effect. The stone can quickly make the transition from the bevel setting grit to fine grit finishing. 


Much like the Jasper,  Jade and Quartzite whetstones I sell, this Translucent Arkansas stone is an extremely hard and dense sharpening stone. The Translucent grade is as hard as jade and jasper, and sharpens very similarly. I find that in a blind test I couldnt tell the difference in sharpness / performance between this and the other stones I carry, they all sharpen very well and will last a lifetime! 


This Viking Whetstone Pendant is an excellent solution for on the go sharpening.

This stone is ultra hard and has a very fine grain, interestingly it is not limited to only fine sharpening.

This stone can be prepaired with a rougher surface grit preperation for coarser grit sharpening, in the 1000 grit ballpark or so, ALSO it can be used for much finer sharpening when the surface is sanded smooth. If you would like your stone completely polished for only fine grit sharpening please leave a note in your order, otherwise it will come semi fine on both surfaces. The semi fine preperation sharpens fast as well as does a high polish, if you allow one side to continue to load up with steel it gets finer and finer with use polishing up to 30,000 grit. On ocasion I recommend you lap your other side of the stone with 120 grit for ultra fast sharpening, or 325/600 grit for the semi fine surface feel.


This stone will never dish out, it doesnt need to be reflattened and it will last lifetimes even sharpened upon daily. As with all my whetstone products, this stone has a lifetime lasting gurantee and unconditional warranty. If you ever happen to break it just send in the broken stone and I will replace it with a new one for you.

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