3" x1" x.40" Indonesian Jade Survivor Whetstone
  • 3" x1" x.40" Indonesian Jade Survivor Whetstone

    Here is our last batch of indonesian jade survivor whetstone pendants. This jade viking whetstone comes with a polished front face, and 2 semi coarse edges plus a coarse back side for multi grit sharpening. This jade is not quite as hard as the jadeite and wyoming / canadian nephrite jade that I have but it is a great budget friendly option for a jade whetstone. If you want to strictly sharpen crucible steel I suggest a jasper or one of my other varieties of jadeite. However for stainless steel and carbon steel this whetstone is a great option! It has a slightly higher serpentine contant than is Ideal for sharpening CPM and other crucible steels. That said this whetstone is incredibly hard and very resistant to dishing out.