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4" x 1.5 x .40 Jasper Touch up stone
  • 4" x 1.5 x .40 Jasper Touch up stone

    This sharpening stone can be an all in one whetstone solution! When the surface texture is

    prepaired semi coarse to coarse it sharpens at a sub 1000 Grit level, flip your stone over and the finer side can polish up to 30,000 grit or a mirror level of finish. As the stone loads with steel it gets finer and finer, we recommend that you scuff up the surface on occasion with a fine or rough diamond plate (120 or 600 grit) to acheive the dual grit surface effect. The stone can quickly make the transition from the bevel setting grit to fine grit finishing. This sharpening stone is ultra hard, it cannot be gouged into with steel and it never needs to be flattened. If you mess up your sharpening stroke angle you will not gouge into it.


    This sharpening stone will last multiple lifetimes under regular use. This whetstone also comes with a lifetime lasting warranty, should you ever break it will will send you a replacement stone in exchange, no questions asked. 


    Ancient Ocean Jasper is the perfect stone for professional's or beginner sharpeners, who need the fastest and finest sharpening, and don't want to buy a dozen stones to accomplish that.


    This jasper is harder than any steel (even super steel). It cuts metal even quicker if you lap the back side at 120 or 220 grit. The front face is lapped dead flat and it will never dish out, since you cannot gouge into a stone this hard when sharpening. I find that jasper gives an incredibly sharp and mirror polished edge, which at best is in the 20-30,000 grit range when the surface of the stone is smoothed in. This give a mirror polish, lasting resistane against corrosion for your edge, and makes cutting smooth and easy.


     This stone is a VERY fast whetstone when slurried with a mellow 325 grit diamond plate or a 600 grit diamond plate. This stone can sharpen a dull knife to razor level sharpness within just a few minutes, and can hold a massive slurry if you like to whip one up with a diamond plate for the best all around resukts. This large surface area lets you get big knifes on the stone, with the majority of your edge in contact at once making it incredible for someone who is a professional sharpener.


    Jasper cuts VERY quick when freshly lapped. Use the pure white colored slurry as much as you can before it washes away! You should finish with just water, or lightly running water. When the edge sticks firmly to the stone you know its going to be scary sharp. This stone keeps its 100% true geometry and will give you a very keen final edge. It can be used as an all in one whetstone with the back side dressed rough it can cut as fast as a lower grit stone and then with the top side apply a finishing level mirror edge.

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