4”x1”x.40” Jadeite Viking Whetstone Pendant
  • 4”x1”x.40” Jadeite Viking Whetstone Pendant

    This is my classic 4”x1”x.40” Viking whetstone pendant style, carved in White / Mint Colored Luna Jadeite Jade. This is an ultra rare type of jade and I only have a very limited amount left in stock, before it’s gone forever.

    Jadeite is the densest and hardest natural whetstone there is. This is a lifetime lasting sharpening stone that will never dish out and saves you the trouble of ever having to flatten your sharpening stone. Jadeite can be polished or slowly loaded with steel from sharpening and it will get finer and finer in grit with use, up to 30,000 grit.

    This stone can be also prepared with a coarse grit surfed preparation for faster mid to low range sharpening. I suggest scouring your coarse side on occasion with a 120 or 325 grit diamond plate.