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5" x 1.25 x .40 Jasper Viking Whetstone
  • 5" x 1.25 x .40 Jasper Viking Whetstone

    This is the newest standard size specialty Jasper Viking pendant.

    I send these fully polished, unless you want different grit preperations

    on the different sides of the stone.


    The long viking pendants come with one thin edge flat, and the other long edge rounded.

    This adds extra functionality for sharpening curved blades on the rounded edge.


    If you want both edges of the stone rounded, or flattened or one each way just let me know here

    otherwise ill send it out one edge rounded the other flat. 

    These come already wrapped on an adjustable 550 paracord necklace.

    I stylized the tip as well to make it look like a stone axe head.

    The width near the top is 1.25” and about 1.5” at the bottom,

    The stone is 5” long and about .30” thick.

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