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5”x1.25”x.40 Emerald Quartzite Viking Pendant
  • 5”x1.25”x.40 Emerald Quartzite Viking Pendant

    Here is a lovely example of the emerald Quartzite XL viking Whetstone Pendants. I took this photo before stringing the pendant, any orders for a pendant always come on Black paracord with the ends burned and tied in an adjustable blood knot.

    This Quartzsite is a lifetime lasting sharpening stone. It is ultrahard microcrystalline silicate and quartz material. The stones do not dish out when sharpening and will last multiple lifetimes under daily use.  The incredible hardness of this whetstone saves you the trouble of having to constantly flatten your sharpening stone. With other stones this leads to it eventually dishing out / wearing away with use. Not only will this stone not dish out, it will also stay dead flat helping you keep a consistent sharpening angle.

    Quartzite is very dense and hard just like the other stones I specialize in which means that you can make one side a coarse grit and the other side a fine grit. Simply pick one side and sharpen on it consistently, the more that it loads up with metal the finer in grit that it becomes, up to 30,000 grit. On the other side of your sharpening stone occasionally scour it with a 325 grit diamond plate or sandpaper and you will free up the pores of the stone allowing it to sharpen fast and still fine.

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