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6” x 2” x 1” Jasper Whetstone Medium Size Bench Stone
  • 6” x 2” x 1” Jasper Whetstone Medium Size Bench Stone

    This sharpening stone can be an all in one whetstone solution! When the surface texture is

    prepaired semi coarse to coarse it sharpens at a sub 1000 Grit level, flip your stone over and the finer side can polish up to 30,000 grit or a mirror level of finish. As the stone loads with steel it gets finer and finer, we recommend that you scuff up the surface on occasion with a fine or rough diamond plate (120 or 600 grit) to acheive the dual grit surface effect. The stone can quickly make the transition from the bevel setting grit to fine grit finishing. This sharpening stone is ultra hard, it cannot be gouged into with steel and it never needs to be flattened. If you mess up your sharpening stroke angle you will not gouge into it.


    This sharpening stone will last multiple lifetimes under regular use. This whetstone also comes with a lifetime lasting warranty, should you ever break it will will send you a replacement stone in exchange, no questions asked.


    The perfect size hand held hone for sharpening and really being able

    to feel the steel and edge on stone alignment. Or heavy enough

    to use as a small bench stone when sharpening.


    This jasper is notoriously hard, ultra fine grit and amazingly fast

    as a polishing stone. The surface preperation also allows you to use

    the back side of your stone as a coarser bevel setting grit.

    Jasper works very well with different surface texture,

    and it slowly eats metal and refines itself more the more you sharpen.

    The technique I most highly recommend is slurrying the stone with a worn in diamond plate,this keeps the surface texture fine, fast and super high polishing.


    To keep one side cutting faster lap it with coarser grit,

    such as 220 or lower, as often as every sharpening session if highest performance is desired. You'll notice the more your jasper stone loads up with steel,

    the more it starts to slow down. All you need to do is

    give it a quick lapping for 30 seconds and it will be fast again.


    For the finer side you can experiement with letting it load up,

    or slurry it / dress it now and then with fine stones or diamond plates.


    This natural hone doesn't need to be soaked and can be used

    with water, oil or slurried with a diamond plate.

    This stone performs exceptionally well as a finishing stone

    for straight razors, and I really like them in this classic barber hone size.


    This jasper whetstone is able to polish as fine as a half micron, or

    30k grit. This is my favorite finishing stone for this reason, and it stays dead flat

    so the edge geometry is perfect.


    When slurried with a diamond plate,

    the stones surface polishes extra fast with the added cushion and more grit available. Slurry is best done with a diamond plate that doesnt shed particles. This technique is not a requirement for the use of these jasper stones, they are also exceptionally quick when freshly dressed with sand paper. I just wouldnt recommend slurrying it and saving the slurry with a sand paper medium, as it drops other grit into your mix that is inferior to how fine the jasper is. This is because when matched with a diamond plate to kick up the cutting action, its only the jasper particles resting on the origional stones surface so it is matched perfectly.


    You will never have to reflatten this stone as it cannot be worn out,

    it will last a lifetime under daily use, even if you refresh the surface every session you will never wear the stone out.

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