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Princessa Jadeite Viking Pendant
  • Princessa Jadeite Viking Pendant

    Guatemalan Princessa Jadeite

    3 1/2” x 3/4” x 5/16”

    We specialize in the most rugged and durable natural sharpening stones on the market. This blue jadeite Viking pendant is the toughest natural stone you can get.

    This stone can cover a range of different sharpening grits. When polished it hones extremely fine, upwards of 30,000 grit or a half micron. When prepared with a roughly sanded surface it can sharpen like a very fast low grit stone in the range of 1000 grit.

    Jadeite is exceptional for its extreme durability and impact resistance. While the relative hardness is the same as the Jasper sharpening stones that we make, its durability is in an entirely other class of its own.

    There’s a huge amount of fake jade sharpening stones on the market. You’ll often see sub $20 sharpening stones with a light green color and lots of inclusions marked as “Jade”. Do not be fooled, These are not Jadeite they are serpentine, which is quite soft and easily broken.

    Jade is similar to the Jasper sharpening stones that we carry for the same specific characteristics that we select for. It’s ultra hard and can sharpen modern super steel with ease.

    You’ll never wear it while sharpening because it is way harder than steel, and if you drop your pendant, it is very unlikely to break.

    Authentic Blue Jadeite is increasingly more rare and difficult to come by and the price reflects the stones difficulty to acquire in the rough as well as its exceptional beauty and high translucency.

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