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3.5" x 1.25" x .40" Viking Whetstone Wyoming Jade
  • 3.5" x 1.25" x .40" Viking Whetstone Wyoming Jade

    Wyoming Jade is an incredibly hard to find stone in the wild. A massive jade rush happened 

    in the early 1920's when Nephrite jade of the highest qualities was found in Wyoming.

    Nephrite jade is the toughest gemstone there is, period. Diamond's are harder, but cleave easily

    while jade is way more impact resistant. Jade is more dense that Arkansas stones, Colorado Jasper, Quartz ect. This lends it to be an incredible stone for sharpening as because of it's extreme density and level 7 hardness, it is able to hone any steel including modern crucible steel. Jade much like the other sharpening stones I carry is selected for the ability to not dish out when sharpening and be impervious to gouging into. 


    Jade can also be prepared multi grit, if the stone is polished it sharpens very finely and is an incredible touchup / finishing hone. When jade is prepaired with a scratched up surface it responds to the level of grit was prepaired with. This means you can have your pendant dressed to multiple sharpening grit's at once.


    Ontop of this, our gurantee is simple, you'll never wear the stone out from sharpening and you'll likely never break it as jade can survive a hard hit. That said, we have a lifetime lasting waranty so if you ever do break your whetstone just send it back in to us and we will make you a replacement free of charge.

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