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4" x .40 Jade Viking Whetstone Pendant Rod Style

4" x .40 Jade Viking Whetstone Pendant Rod Style

This viking whetstone rod is carved in Nephrite Jade.

Here I evoke many ancient traditions across several cultures.


This style of having a sharpening stone on a necklace with adustable cordage

is reminescent of whetstones worn by northern people. Small viking whetstone

pendants have been found in the graves of vikings and many other oceanic cultures.


Whetstones were of prime importance to sharpen survival tools and weapons.

Hence the name, viking whetstone, because it is for knives, axes, ect, as well as

quite useful for kitchen tools or other specialty sharpening jobs.


Jade itself has also been made into cutting tools as well, because when it is found in the rough state is often extremely sharp. Jade has been made into axes all around the world by many primal peoples, and cherished as the best stone for carving due to its purity and robust nature.


This jade tends to be EXTREMELY dense, with a tight grain. It is heavy and cold to the touch.


I only send fracture free rods so that they are incredibly durable. This does result in a lot of scrap and wasted material but it delievers the highest quality stone that will outlast our current civilization and be handed down for generations.


Nephrite Jade is slighltly less dense than jadeite jade, but is extremely difficult to cleave,

and harder to break than jadeite by just a little bit. This variety of

jade is super tough! It can be hit with a hammer or dropped on concrete

and not bust.


The price reflect's the availability of the stone, it's rarity as well as it's EXTREME hardness, density, and fine grain. I'm not sure how long I can supply these so avaiablity may change

depending on world markets. This Price also reflects the lifetime warranty, the stone does not wear out from sharpening and if you ever do break it we will send you a replacement for an exchange of your old whetstone.


Jade is much stronger than the jasper I carry, but the grit can be played with in the exact same way. This leaves you a choice, you can play with the surface grit quite easily yourself if you decide to.


This rod can be dressed a few ways and either makes an excellent

choice of a fine whetstone, or a gritty lower level of fineness that will sharpen

ultra hard steel very quickly. If jade is textured rough it cuts rough.


Highly polished jade = excellent for mirror polishing knives and retaining an extremely keen and even edge.  Roughly prepped jade = excellent surface for abrading steel quickly and agressively.


If you want to try out your jade whetstone rod only semi polished

or even left more grainy so it cuts the fastest let me know or sand it yourself.


I send the stones fully polished so that out of the box it sharpens super fine.

If you sand off the high level of a glossy polish I put on it, the stone is somewhat less prismatic in sunlight. This means less light enters the stone so it wont glow as much, but if you want to keep it coarse and glowing still try putting a drop of oil on the surface now and then and

it will simulate that the stone is still polished.


The rough sanded style I can send this with does remove metal like a fast low grit

whetstone. When the stone loads up with steel just give it a quick refresh with

your desired grit level(s).


If you take off the professional polish I send these with, It is somewhat harder for 

a beginner stone carver to get the stone as polished again. You can try 600, 1000 grit

and then buff with chromium oxide and your pendant will return to polished.


Or send it in to me for a spa treatment! 


If you want your stone sent to you at a lower surface grit,

This means it wont glow as much and it looks somewhat scratched up.

Jade is extremely useful that way for abrading steel.

Your rod will stay dead flat at whatever surface grit it is polished to, and you'll

never have to worry about gouging it or having it dish out from sharpening.


If you want me to send you it with a coarser surface grit right out of the box just leave me a note here in your order, otherwise it comes fully polished!


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