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Shipping time depends on volume of orders.

Orders are shipped on average  within 3 to 6 weeks of the date you order.  Our standard size stones are cut to order and thus sometimes the shipping time fluctuates,

Follow our social media to see when large batches of stones are finished, or in the works.

I often have many orders to fill at once. If the wait time is any longer than 6 weeks I will notify you when you order. International orders are usually delivered within 20 business days of shipping.

I do not accept returns. Instead,  My whetstones come with an unconditional lifetime lasting warranty.


 I have put a serious study into crafting these whetstones since 2015. I am meticulous about the stones I send out, they are precision made and lapped perfectly flat.

Any stone purchased comes with a lifetime lasting warranty. If your stone is damaged send it to us for a replacement free of charge! This does not cover loss of the stone. Our stones are also so hard you will not wear them out in a lifetime of sharpening.

If a stone is damaged in shipping please send me a message, so far my track record is 99% success on shipping with bulletproof packaging.


These stones are a piece of functional art. I put forth a lot of hard work into them, so I cannot afford to lend them out for long periods of time. Due to demand and the amount of consideration that goes into creation of fine natural whetstones, I will not accept returns but I will exchange with you if there is an issue.

If you want to add shipping insurance to your order please leave a note with your email and I will send you a paypal request.

At the end of the day, you either want the results these natural whetstone's gives or not. So please decide carefully as you consider how you want to care for own sharpening needs.

Choose carefully, for a good whetstone is a lifetime lasting  multi generational tool. I can offer you an exchange of stones if there is an issue with your purchase, however I cannot offer full refunds for stones as I cannot afford to lend them out for periods of time, and out of respect to our waiting list stones sent in for exchange or replacement may also take 3-6 weeks to return to you. If you go with our sharpening stones we have your back no matter what. 

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