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Wild Whestones is a Veteran owned and operated business. Founded by Gabriel J Warren and expertly managed by Zak Reinhart. Together they produce some of the most extraordinary sharpening stones on the market. and the Wild Whetstones community project are the proud results of our work to provide a lifetime lasting sharpening stone experience. We coach tens of thousands of people world wide on how to get a lifetime lasting experience out of their sharpening approach.


We help beginners who are just looking to stay sharp, as well as business owners sharpening knives for hundreds of clients. In our near decade of time as professionals in the sharpening industry, the biggest thing we emphasize is that less is more.


Wether you are a beginner or a professional this statement runs true, in terms of how many stones you own, the more you know how to use the proper tool the less whetstones you need to own.


Knowing how to use a few different strategies with one natural whetstone allows you to skip buying entire sets of man made stones. This said, we still find man made stones have their place, and once you pick up a lifetime lasting natural whetstone, the only other things you really need are a diamond plate and perhaps 1 synthetic stone in the lower 1000 grit range. Let's get into it!

To help you gain a functional mastery of the stages of sharpening and the most common pitfalls to avoid, I've compiled the most important takeaways I have made in my career of professional sharpening. Our goal is to help you not waste your time and money on sharpening methods that don't last very long, and cause frustration.

With proper application our whetstones completely eliminate the frustration of dull tools. We help our clients maximize their sharpening experience in the most economic and least complicated way possible. Wether you just want to sharpen for your own household or if you are looking to start a sharpening business we have got your back!

Most beginners and even expert sharpeners are spending far too much money on consumable sharpening products, that do not last and cause many difficulties while trying to maintain sharpness. 

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